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Perfect-T (Petrol & Diesel Essential) Treatment, Additive, Cleaner
Perfect-T (Petrol & Diesel Essential) Treatment, Additive, Cleaner
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PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL is the only petrol treatment your car ever needs, It thoroughly cleans the intake valve and fuel injectors from all deposits and provides exceptional lubrication to the fuel pump. All carbon and varnish residue in your engine is effectively eliminated while a special diamond-like surface the treatment provides leaves no room for corrosion. Not Only PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL offers absolute protection to your engine's vital fuel system components against contamination, you are also assured of significant improvement on fuel economy and power. With 10% to 40% mileage improvement on new cars and even greater on older cars, PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL proves itself to be your cars's invaluable companion. With today's costly fuel prices, only PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL offers answer to achieving efficiency. 

PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL does not harm your car's engine in any way. Its remarkable properties help restore your engine's maximum power, quality in elimination of rough idle and pinging and reduction of harmful emissions. Simply pour PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL into your fuel tank for a completely new and exhilarating driving experience.

Usage direction:

  • Pour one (1) bottle of PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL (340ml) into your fuel tank and repeat every 5000 kilometres
  • For optimum performance, you may add PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL at anytime and/or between 2000 and 5000 kilometres.
  • One bottle of PREFECT-T PETROL & DIESEL ESSENTIAL effectively treats up to 60 litres of fuel.  For best results, allow a minimum driving distance of 90 kilometres.


  • Restores power & acceleration
  • Eliminates pinging & Knocking
  • Improves Fuel mileage (10% to 40%) & save money for fuel
  • Protest against thermal breakdown
  • Reduces emission of harmful gases CO by 62% & HC by 29% to the ozone
  • Increase horse power & improves perfomance
  • Extends egine life
  • Removes rust and corrosion, cleams clogged fuel injectors, cleans fuel delivery system
  • Create protection to valve & piston during fuel combustion