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ZI FU LIANG Dried seaweed 紫福靓紫菜  (50gram)
ZI FU LIANG Dried seaweed 紫福靓紫菜  (50gram)
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ZI FU LIANG Dried seaweed (50gram)

紫福靓紫菜  (50克)

  1. 无沙,已经清洁, 免洗可以立即享用
  2. 人工有机培植,采自深海
  3. 无公海, 不受污染
  4. 口碑很好,吃了肯定会再买




Nori, sweet, cold, non-toxic, can be used as medicine, has the effect of reducing phlegm and softening, clearing heat and water, nourishing the kidney and nourishing the heart. Eating more seaweed has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers and women's menopausal diseases, it can delay aging, prevent anemia, prevent skin scurf and itching, prevent tooth decay, treat night blindness, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, lower cholesterol.

Taste very good ! best of dried seaweed i ever try !
2020-07-26 21:31:05