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NESCAFE Original RTD 6 Cans, 240ml Each
NESCAFE Original RTD 6 Cans, 240ml Each
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The perfect balance of coffee, creamer and sugar
Comforting and intense aroma
The right blend of coffee sweetness, topped with a smooth crema
Pack size: 240ml
HALAL certified

Exp date : 22 Sept 2020
NESCAF Original is carefully concocted to give you that well-loved signature coffee taste. Its comforting aroma and distinctive full-flavour taste, conveniently turns our medium-dark roast signature blend into a sweet coffee when you savour it.
Every can of NESCAF Original has the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, perfectly roasted and blended with milk. Taste the right balance of coffee and creaminess in every sip, whenever, wherever.