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MILO RTD ACTIV-GO NutriUp 24 Bottles, 225ml Each (Exp Date: DEC20)
MILO RTD ACTIV-GO NutriUp 24 Bottles, 225ml Each (Exp Date: DEC20)
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MILO ACTIV-GO Nutri Up 225ml x 24

Expiry Date: 05 DEC 2020

  •  Nourishing energy on the go with a uniquely rich taste of MILO from cocoa, milk and malt 
  • Contains ACTIV-GO with PROTOMALT and HI-CAL
  • High calcium content and good source of protein 
  • Fuelling generations of Malaysian champions since 1950
  • Single serve can of 225ml
  • Best consumed at room temperature or chilled
  • Store in a cool and dry place (25-30°C)
  • HALAL certified
When your body is well-nourished and you have the right attitude, you can maintain your determination and belief despite the challenges in your way.
MILO NUTRI-UP contains a unique mix of 4 different wholegrains coupled with the nourishing energy from the natural goodness of cocoa, milk, malt and ACTIV-GO. 
With its recognizable delicious chocolate malt taste, get ready to be fueled with winning energy to own the day!
Enjoying MILO
At breakfast, for snack or on the go, it’s always the right time to enjoy a delicious and energizing cold MILO. Contains 142kcal per bottle. 
Everyday Energy
MILO NUTRI-UP with ACTIV-GO contains a unique mix of vitamins and minerals that helps you keep performing at your best. 
MILO, the leading nutritious chocolate malt beverage in Malaysia was introduced in 1950 and has been known for its unique taste that Malaysians love. Today, MILO is the most popular beverage in Malaysia and remains relevant as a delicious and nourishing drink for Malaysians across all age groups.