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STARBUCKS Cappuccino Premium Instant (4 x 14g)
STARBUCKS Cappuccino Premium Instant (4 x 14g)
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STARBUCKS Cappuccino Premium Instant (4 x 14g)

Exp Date :27 NOV 2020

·       The expectation for coffee experience in-home has increased to deliver the same cup of coffee in café.


·       Starbucks® At Home’s proposition is to establish itself as the super premium coffee in retail. With the ambition to grow the premium segment in coffee category, Starbucks® At Home will continue to recruit new consumers by communicating the Starbucks® taste profile associated with the brand, exceptional function or performance and superior style and design (Nielsen Changing Consumer Prosperity Report, 2017).


·       Introducing the new premium Starbucks® mixes range, which replicates the body and flavour of Starbucks® coffee in an instant form for consumers to enjoy their coffee anywhere, at any time.



·       The Starbucks® mixes range consist of four flavours: Cappuccino, Caramel Latte, Caffè Mocha and Latte, using the same high quality Arabica beans as the coffeehouses. 





·       Mixes recipe mirror Starbucks® signature blend – The Starbucks® cup profile is mirroring Starbucks beverages in store


·       100% Arabica Coffee – It is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans


·       Ethical sourcing of sustainable products –  Starbucks® is committed to sourcing 100% sustainable coffee


·       Expertly blended with dairy milk— it is topped with a soft layer of foam for you to enjoy a deliciously familiar Starbucks®


·       Café quality, affordable cup –

Price per cup of Starbucks® Cappuccino mixes is RM2.8 vs. RM12 in Starbucks® café


·       Expertly blended with dairy milk to evoke the same Starbucks® coffee house enjoyment


·       Creaminess and frothy due to dairy content


·       High quality pure milk without additives


·       Starbucks® Coffee Is Coming Home - Savour Starbucks® coffee in the comfort of your own home