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Creative Kokoru Color Corrugated Paper Set
Creative Kokoru Color Corrugated Paper Set
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Make your own creation !

> Colorful corrugated papers suitable for varios arts & crafts creativity projects.

Why KOKORU Can Help?

1. Kokoru craft can be a fun and vivid way to teach kids about a variety of things

2. Learning in fun with colorful corrugated paper.

3. Learn through direct play and hands-on experiences with people, with materials, and in nature.

4. Give them a chance to practice being patient.

5. Improve their creativity & imagination via create a new thing.

6. User friendly, ideal for child aged 6 to 12. It is suitable for all age adult to creating gift.

7. Totally new experience to create anything based on imagination.

8. Each pack of Kokoru Color Corrugated Paper Set contains 8 assorted colors of corrugated papers, with approx. 13mm X 500mm.

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