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Fresh from Farm Double Egg Yolk Eggs
Fresh from Farm Double Egg Yolk Eggs
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Double egg yolk 双黄蛋 (30 eggs per tray) 
Why us? We provide high quality fresh eggs straight from the farm! Satisfaction guaranteed ✅
Double Egg Yolk eggs comes from older chickens, chickens are fed with specific grains and a special diet to produce eggs with double yolks 
Egg yolks are known for its high nutrients which helps in lowering blood pressure, boost immune system and reduce risks of vision problems 
Eggs are filling because their high-quality protein satisfies the appetite, providing all the essential amino acids
*majority of the eggs in a tray are double yolks, we cannot guarantee that all the eggs have double eggs yolks as its beyond our control 
*100% fresh and straight from farm, all eggs are processed within 2/3 days  
*storage: store in a refrigerator (can last up to 2 months) 
*Delivery on Saturday and Sunday only within Kuala Lumpur 

Was, this is super giant big egg that i never see before!
2020-07-13 18:34:34