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Fresh from Farm Salted Eggs (50 per box)
Fresh from Farm Salted Eggs (50 per box)
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Salted Eggs 咸蛋 (50 eggs per box)
Why us? We provide high quality fresh eggs straight from the farm! Satisfaction guaranteed ✅
Salted egg is a delicacy that is loved by many inviduals, however its content are also highly questioned
Salted eggs are duck eggs cured in brine (that is water with lots and lots of salt) for several weeks and later produces to salted eggs
Fear not our salted eggs are fresh so it won't be very salty, you can eat it without any worries the salted taste is just right 
*100% fresh and straight from farm, salted eggs manufactured date is within a month to ensure it's freshness
*storage: store in a cooling place (can last up to 2 months) 
*Delivery on Saturday and Sunday only within Kuala Lumpur 
喜欢吃咸蛋可是害怕味道吗? 这里的咸蛋味道刚刚好,不会太咸,吃了不会腻,也可以经常吃呢