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九吉公老红糖 JiuJiGong Traditional Brown Sugar
九吉公老红糖 JiuJiGong Traditional Brown Sugar
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JiuJiGong Traditional Brown Sugar


“JiuJiGong Traditional Brown Sugar", is a brown sugar product that combined the 18 traditional brewed process with modern health quality testing technology; with no extra additives; and extract the muiltple diversity warming ingredients from the natural condensed sugar cane, is an ideal warming drinks especially for female consumers.


产品规格 Product Specifications:

 生产许可证编号 Production License Number: SC12137070300225

配料表 Ingredients: 甘蔗 Sugarcane

储藏方法 Storage Method: 阴凉干燥处避光保存 Cool and dry place keep out of direct sunlight

食品添加剂 Food Additives: None

净含量:Net content: 400g/ 400g/box 

包装方式 Packing: 牛皮纸独立包装 Individual packaging

是否为有机食品 Organic food: YES 

食糖种类 Sugar type: 红糖 Brown sugar

品牌 Brand: 九吉公 JiuJiGong

系列 Series: 九吉公老红糖 JiuJiGong Traditional Brown Sugar

产地 Origin: 中国大陆昆明市云南省 Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

保质期 Shelf life: 两年 Two (2) years