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[CLEARANCE] iLife Water Embellish Moisturizing Organic Cleanser 98ml 爱生活七系无添加水润保湿洁面乳(孕妇可用)
[CLEARANCE] iLife Water Embellish Moisturizing Organic Cleanser 98ml 爱生活七系无添加水润保湿洁面乳(孕妇可用)
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"7系 “无添加” 7 Series “NO ADDICTIVE”
1) 无化学防腐剂 NO chemical preservatives
2) 无杀菌剂 NO germicide
3) 无酒精 NO alcohol
4) 无合成色素 NO synthetic pigments
5) 无矿物油 NO mineral oil
6) 无石油系介面活性剂 NO petroleuminterfacial
7) 无合成香精 NO synthetic flavor

无添加小知识 No extra additive tips
“无添加” 指在面膜中添加防腐剂,杀菌剂,石油系介面活性剂,香料和矿物油等可能刺激肌肤的化学添加剂。
No extra additive moisturizing cleanser, unique formula of amino acid with weak acidity is non-irritating, can dissolve excess grease on the skin thoroughly, clean the skin deeply and remove make-up effectively, at the same maintaining the skin's natural oils and protecting the skin's natural protective functions.
“无添加”, 并不是什么都不添加,而是只添加对肌肤有益的营养成分,摒弃对肌肤可能不利的原料。
With the correct moisturizing constituent, it cleans the skin without dehydrating it, prevent the skin from getting dry and tight.

洁面乳的好处 The benefits of Cleanser
① 温和不刺激 mild and non-irritating
② 丝滑柔软质感 silky soft texture
③ 具有水活灵动的肌肤作用 watery and active skin effect
④ 祛除肌肤表面的老化角质Remove the aged keratin from the skin surface
⑤ 缓解肌肤的干燥状况 Relieves dryness of the skin
⑥ 令肌肤水感滋润 Sense of water moisturizing skin
⑦ 肌肤水嫩不紧绷 Skin moisturizing not tender
⑧ 洁净清新 Clean and fresh
⑨ 滋润柔滑 Moisturizing and smooth

适用人群: 任何肤质(孕妇敏感肌肤均可使用)
Suitable to skin type :All types of skin (Including pregnant women, and people with sensitive skin)

**Expiry date: July 2020

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