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Carich Africa Shea Butter Nourishing Soup 100g 卡丽施乳木果油滋养香皂
Carich Africa Shea Butter Nourishing Soup 100g 卡丽施乳木果油滋养香皂
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適合寶寶嬌嫩肌膚 Suitable for baby tender skin
It contains natural plant essence. It can produce delicate foam and moisturize the skin. it is the mother and baby's choice for natural care.

This product contains natural African Shea butter and honey ingre- dients. It can clean the skin deeply and thoroughly. When nourishing, it still gives nutrition to skin, restoring and maintaining the natural elasticity of the skin, giving the skin a natural care.

Shea butter has been recognized of having the func- tions of nourishing, soothing and protecting the skin. But now shea butter is used in soap which is really a beauty treasure for personal care. Shea butter can moisturize dry skins, and make the skin soft and comfortable.

Usage: Gently rub the palm of your hands to produce rich foam, then use the foam to massage the face ar apply the whole body, and then rinse with water Applicable Scope: Suitable for cleaning face and hair as well as bathing. Preservation Method: Store it in a cool and dry place And keep it away from children.

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