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iLife SOD Face Cream Moisturizer 100ml 爱生活 SOD 蛋白蜜 脸霜
iLife SOD Face Cream Moisturizer 100ml 爱生活 SOD 蛋白蜜 脸霜
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- 胶原蛋白 with Collagen 
- 紧致保湿 Tightening & Hydrating




SOD全稱超氧化歧化萌(SUPER OXIDEDISMUTASE)是一種延緩氧化成分其延緩功效韶迥綠茶,維生素E和紅石榴,並县昙人器自身所含有一種成分因此肌膚吸收更好!
The complete name of SOD is SUPER OXIDEDISMUTASEE, which isa kind of oxidation retarding ingredient. Its retarding oxidation effect surpasses green tea, vitamin E and red pomogranate, and is a kind of composition which the human body contains, so the skin can better absorb it.

Greenleaf believes that only when everyone understands his/her skin and its needs can helshe get the best skin care. Greenleaf is dedicated to researching and develop- ing of the formula so that the best proportion of the effec- tive ingredients can be obtained to offer skin the utmost care.

SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) is an antioxidant inside the human body. It has superior function in nourishing and moisturizing the skin and is an indispensable ingredient for the healthy and plump skin. As it is gentle and skin-friendly, ILife SOD face cream utilizes modern technology to im- prove the condition of the skin and restore its yoth and glory.

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