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YIBEILE Children Shampoo & Shower Gel iLife 500ml易贝乐儿童洗发沐浴露 爱生活
YIBEILE Children Shampoo & Shower Gel iLife 500ml易贝乐儿童洗发沐浴露 爱生活
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YIBEILE Children Shampoo & Shower Gel iLife 500ml  易贝乐儿童洗发沐浴露 爱生活

Features: Amino acid and glycoside-derived cleansing ingredients, mild formula, designed for children's skin, contains a variety of natural active ingredients, cleansing the skin and hair while providing rich nutrition.

Plant formula [Caring for delicate skin, nourishing and more easily absorbed]
1) Amino acid Helps the skin absorb nutrients to make the skin more hydrated and healthy
2) Very mild surfactant to soothe the skin
3) Chamomile It relieves dry skin and increases skin elasticity.
4) Purslane Calm the skin and give your baby more and more.
1) Mild and low sensitivity Safety and low sensitivity Does not irritate baby eyes
2) Deep cleansing After washing, the hair is smooth and not knotted, and the skin is refreshed and moisturized.
3) nourish after bath Natural ingredients, cleansed and nourished after washing.

特点: 采用氨基酸和糖苷来源的清洁成分,配方温和,专为儿童肌肤设计,含有多种天然活性成分,清洁皮肤和头发同时提供丰富营养。
植物配方  【呵护娇嫩肌肤 滋养更易吸收】
1)氨基酸  帮助肌肤吸收营养使肌肤更水润健康 2)非常温和的表面活性剂,有效舒缓肌肤
3)洋甘菊 缓解皮肤干燥,增加皮肤弹性。
4)马齿苋 镇静皮肤,给予宝宝更多和会。 

1)温和低敏 安全低敏 不刺激宝宝眼睛
2)深层洁净 洗后头发柔顺不打结,肌肤舒爽润泽 3)浴后滋养 天然成分,洗后洁净滋养。

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