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Nano Glass Nail Art Glass Buffer Polishing
Nano Glass Nail Art Glass Buffer Polishing
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NANO GLASS Nail Art Buffer Polish (With Case) 

✅ 【 100% Brand new and high quality 】 -Nail file is made of high-quality nano glass material, which well polished the shape of your nails and makes a smooth and clear protection film for the nail layer
✅ 【 Well-polished, No Pain 】 -Get rid of nail damage caused by ordinary nail file, Ultra-thin size allows flexible polishing of the periphery and edges of the nail, leaving a smooth protection for each nail
✅ 【 Professional Nail Files 】 -Suitable for various types of nails or toenails-rough/artificial/acrylic nails, well protect your nails without damaging the nail surface
✅ 【 Washable and Clean 】 -Easy to clean, safe and hygienic manicure. Fast and waterproof, easily rinsed with water
✅ 【 Suitable for All People 】 -Easily placed in the handbag, well polished at any time, Suitable for Women, Girls, Man, even the pregnant. It's the best choice to give to the family as a gift

✅ Color : Transparent
✅ Size : 9cm x 1.4cm
✅ Packaging : 1 pcs include transparent box ( see 2nd pic for real photo )
✅ Nano file : Full nano texture
✅ Quantity : 1 Pcs

How to Use ***********
1. FILE: Shape and smooth nail edges with textured side of file.
2. BUFF: Using the nano side of the file, gently begin to buff the nail by using a side to side motion where you want your nail to shine.
3. CLEAN: Wash with water & store in casing

Cara Applikasi **************
1. KIKIR : Bentuk dan ratakan hujung kuku anda dgn menggunakan bahagian yg berstruktur/bergerigi ( nano )
2. KILAT : Gunakan bahagian nano. Asah dengan cara dari kiri ke kanan utk kilatkan kuku anda
3. BASUH : Basuh pengasah kuku dan simpan dlm bekas.